Bubble Bath Car Wash – Larry Lopez

San Antonio, Texas

Starting a business in 2008 may have seemed daunting for many, but Larry Lopez was up for a new challenge after years of owning a dentistry practice.

When the recession hit and there no jobs were for his son Nicolas, the two were available to open Bubble Bath Car Wash together. LiftFund was there to help them open their first location – and each car wash since.

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity LiftFund has given us. It wouldn’t have been possible in the regular capital markets with so much pressure from the economy,” recalls Larry.

Larry credits Nicolas’ leadership and management for much of their success because five car wash locations come with constant maintenance and repair. It also comes with the ability to provide opportunities for employees. It’s a tremendous responsibility. Therefore, small business owners with growing businesses appreciate lenders who can make any process easier.

“Use LiftFund. They are easy to deal with. In this business there are a lot of moving parts, if you have a lender who is cooperative and helpful, it really helps to keep things going.”


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September 1, 2021