BTX – Davide & Evangeline Pesca

BTX - Davide & Evangeline Pesca

Dallas, Texas

Davide Pesca was born and raised in Italy. After moving to Dallas Texas, he ran a company for an Italian group until he decided to buy a company that he could scale. He and his wife Evangeline saw potential in BTX, an industry leader in window and shade automation manufacturing.

As BTX grew, Davide and Evangeline wanted to purchase their own building to avoid leasing another term. However, after just having purchased the business, Davide knew they would not qualify for a conventional loan. Their banker from SNB, now Simmons Bank, introduced them to LiftFund. Through a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration and LiftFund, the couple secured an SBA 504 loan for their 36,000 square foot building.

Today, BTX products can be found in hotels and resorts around the world. Since the purchase of the building, the revenue of BTX increased four times and they grew from nineteen to sixty employees.

For Davide, performance is the key to success. He is proud of transforming BTX from a good company to a group of thriving companies, and being able to provide jobs and welfare for his community as a result of it.

“LiftFund allowed us to buy a building that is home to our business and our employees,” said Davide.


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September 1, 2021