SBA 504 Loan Program

LiftFund can help small business owners acquire Real Estate and equipment they need to grow their businesses.

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LiftFund is proud to partner with banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to provide SBA 504 loans for growing businesses in the State of Texas. Ready to fund your clients?

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The SBA created the 504 loan program to help entrepreneurs finance commercial real estate and equipment for their businesses. Businesses use these loans to finance fixed asset acquisitions such as:

  • Purchases of existing buildings
  • Land purchases and improvements
  • New facility construction
  • Existing facility modernizations,
    renovations, and conversions
  • Long-term machinery purchases
  • Some furniture and fixtures

Purchase a Building

Land Improvements

New Construction



Some Fixtures

Success Stories

The SBA 504 loan program helps business owners finance commercial real estate and equipment for their businesses. Meet some of our clients and learn how they’ve grown their businesses with SBA 504 funding.

The Bubble Bath Car Wash


New Light Primary Care

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Typical Financing Structure

The graph below shows how LiftFund partners with a participating lender (typically a bank) to finance part of the project. Most projects require a 50-40-10 split. However, businesses and/or projects considered “special purpose” require an additional 5% from the owner. Similarly, start-ups also require an additional 5% equity investment.

The Bank finances 50% of the project


The Bank has the first-lien position

504 SBA Loan LiftFund

The equity injection can be cash or land equity


The borrower can retain more cash